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Product center

Prestressed concrete steel wire spiral rib

Prestressed high carbon steel wire


6.0Light circular prestressed steel wire


The smooth surface of prestressed steel wire


Scope of business

Excellent product performance,At the same time significantly improve the quality of cement products,And save steel,Since the products on the market,Already in
Henan、Hubei、In hunan province、Guangxi、Guizhou、Sichuan province、Xinjiang、Ningxia and other places opened up the market,With120More enterprises become the long-term partner,
                        For the country's railways<Concrete sleeper>、Water conservancy<South-north water diversion project of high pressure pipeline>、Electric power<Concrete pole>Makes a contribution。                               



At homeaa0000To become more than enterprises
Long-term partners

The company was founded in2012Years5Month,
The registered capital00000000-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-aa-00-0-0-0-000000Ten thousand yuan。



Conform to the state and the rest of the world
The corresponding standard,Only three in henan province at present。

Company design capacity3.6Ten thousand tons
Prestressed concrete steel wire production line

The use of wire rope requirements
The use of stainless steel wire rope:????????1、New steel wire rope don't immediately at high speed、Directly use under overload,But in low speed、Load conditions in the running for a period of time,After adapt new ropes to use state,Then gradually increase the speed of wire rope run and increasing load,The new steel wire rope in high speed、Heavy duty work must go through before running in the early stage。????????2、Used by the wire rope and pulley,Must pay attention to prevent the wire rope in the pouring trough。If fall off the wire rope groove after continued use,Wire rope will produce extrusion deformation、Kink、Broken wires、Broken strands,Serious shorten the service life of wire rope,
The NDRC macro economic operation data conference records
Ruzhou yi industrial co., LTD
“Much starker choices-and graver consequences-in”Planning and attention Looking forward to further adjusting and optimizing China's steel industry

Scope of business